Document Process Automation Solutions for Legal

Digitize, organize, and analyze legal documents in over 200 languages.

ABBYY empowers legal professionals to focus more on practicing law and less on the administrative tasks. By automating the intake, processing, and analysis of legal documents, you spend more time practicing law and winning new clients, and less time on back-office headaches.

ABBYY offers a range of technologies that power the documents that power law firms and legal departments

  • Implement accurate processing of legal documents no matter the format—and direct them to the right recipients at the right time.
  • Empower your document intake, review, collaboration, and analysis by treating your documents as data, not as pictures of paper.
  • Quickly and reliably identify the key differences between documents and then review, comment, and share—all across multiple formats.
  • Permanently and irreversibly remove privileged, confidential, and sensitive information from any PDF—and eliminate problematic metadata too.

How Modern Technology Is Helping Legal


Digital transformation and process automation are the new priorities for the legal industry. View this infographic to learn more!

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Usage scenarios

Modernize your legal operations with an accurate and automated digital-first approach for legal document intake, review, collaboration, and analysis.

03A Legal Cases Solo

Solo/small law firms

Digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of legal documents. On the go, your mobile device becomes your virtual office.

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03B Legal Cases Law Firms

Law firms

Modernize and automate your legal operations by implementing accurate processing of legal documents. Fill in the missing pieces in your eDiscovery process with pinpoint precision and single-click simplicity.

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03C Legal Cases Corporate Departments

Corporate legal departments

In today’s volatile global environment, legal departments must be agile. The need for speed and efficiency is ever-more necessary in the face of ever-increasing regulations.

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03D Legal Cases Legal Service Providers

Legal service providers

Enterprises use ABBYY solutions to accelerate their digital transformation by complementing intelligent automation platforms and applications like RPA, BPM, and others.

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Go from Buying Apps to Building Them… with No Code!

White paper

This white paper explores challenges around legaltech and the emerging trend of a much faster and simpler low-code / no-code technology that provides document understanding and insight extractions.

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Customer stories


Cricket Legal Technologies offers clients one-stop shopping for all of their eDiscovery technology needs.


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Deloitte uses the OCR server solution to make image-only files searchable for eDiscovery and legal forensic analysis.



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Moore Blatch enhances customer service and compliance by introducing a digital mailroom solution.

Digital mailroom

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5 Ways for Law Firms and Legal Departments to Re-take Control of Their Legal Documents

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