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RTR SDK uses live-video OCR to capture input data without typing

ABBYY’s Real-Time Recognition SDK (RTR SDK) takes advantage of the latest advancements in video technologies and enables developers to add instant data capture functionality to their applications with just a few lines of code. Whether a user needs to capture their bank card number, a worker needs to capture an address, or if a machine needs to translate a street sign, RTR SDK helps get the job done.

Just “Point and Capture,” no picture required

RTR SDK serves as a wonderfully modern input replacement for traditional typing that benefits users, workers, and robots because all they need do is “point and capture.”

Traditional capture methods require taking a picture of the desired data and sending it to the cloud or a server for processing and extraction. Other methods include manually typing in data by hand. RTR SDK avoids this altogether by merging 5-15 live-video frames in real-time, extracting the data without taking a picture.

ABBYY’s RTR SDK API methods allow developers to implement and only extract targeted fields by applying regular expressions. Simply describe the format of the required information you want to capture, and then RTR SDK will only capture the information you need, leaving the rest behind.

Why RTR SDK with Live-Video OCR?

Faster Data Input

Extracting text directly from live-video frames is significantly faster and more convenient than taking a picture of the text, followed by cloud/server OCR extraction or by manually entering the text.

Suitable for High-Security Requirements

Since the text does not need to be photographed, saved to memory and uploaded to cloud services or external servers, this modern way of data capture and input is suitable for organizations with the highest data security standards.

Improved Business Performance

Real-time text capture from documents, invoices, or unstructured content may be quickly implemented into existing apps for banks, financial services, healthcare, transportation, legal, insurance, and many other organizations for immediate results.

Higher Data Input Accuracy

We have combined ABBYY’s proven OCR technology with new intelligent algorithms that recognize text from live-video streams. This SDK technology ensures superior text recognition accuracy within apps for both businesses and consumers, eliminating human input errors.

A Few Real-World Use Cases

Customer On-Boarding

By simply pointing the device’s camera at ID cards, passports, and other identification documents like W2s, customer data is extracted and transferred into company systems without typing or additional processing on servers or in the cloud.

Mobile Payments

Required information for a money transfer may be inserted directly into the fields of a mobile banking app by focusing a smartphone’s camera on payment slips, invoices, or other payment documents.

Premium Self-Service

Companies may increase customer satisfaction through the modernization of their apps with premium self-service features so that clients may easily communicate and exchange data with their vendors.

The possibilities are endless with live-video OCR. Watch our latest ABBYY Mobile SDK Technologies Webinar with SD Times, where we demonstrate the true power of RTR SDK.

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