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Innovation developers choose ABBYY SDKs powered by Machine Learning & AI

Leading innovative software developers are working to incorporate advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and data capture into their applications and solutions to tackle the problems of today’s global digital transformation disruption. Whether it’s mobile, cloud, on-site or in hybrid environments, ABBYY has always provided developers the proven toolsets necessary to accurately capture and extract critical information on-demand, from virtually anywhere in the world. Traditional ABBYY OCR technologies still play a vital role behind millions of transactions per year in financial services, healthcare, banking, and other high-tech industries.  After ABBYY has scaled to ingest the ever-growing masses of structured and unstructured data input, it is clear that this data not only needs to be captured, it needs to be understood. Now is the time where innovation developers need to make sense of the data and profit from the priceless knowledge previously left untapped.

Customers and partners are now driving further value that goes beyond simply automating traditional back office processes by offering premium self-service front desk options to their clients on mobile through additional offerings like expense management and loyalty reward point programs, all powered by ABBYY’s Receipt Capture SDK.

Innovation developers who need to work fast choose ABBYY because they want to avoid spending months or years developing their own technology, or struggling with freemium solutions that provide limited capability upfront. ABBYY offers a suite of professional-grade SDKs used on millions of devices around the world, built on a flexible platform of technologies, services, and solutions powered by machine learning and AI.

ABBYY OCR SDK Engine Toolkits

There is no reason to create your own OCR.  ABBYY’s OCR SDKs have been proven in the most demanding and complex situations after processing more than one billion pages over the years.


While proven and reliable technology is a must for basic SDK data capture input solutions, ABBYY’s SDKs are also being used in advanced machine learning scenarios to autonomously train AI, teaching itself as it watches a user’s interactions in real-time, without coding or thousands of sample documents. This reduces AI training time and makes it easy for casual operators to train documents as well.

How can you keep track of all the latest features?

Easy access to free online education & enablement resources

With great technology, comes great responsibility.  ABBYY’s team provides the best technology, support, and partnerships needed to grow your business ideas.

Resources, code samples, videos and inspiration help ABBYY’s community of thousands of developers grow and build greater things quicker, which drives us all towards greater innovation faster.

Here are a few links to get you started: – Guideline and main resource for case studies and webinars. – Technical resources, code samples, and developer community forum. – Heading to the cloud? Now SOC 2 Type I Certified for data security! – Check out the latest blogs about OCR, digital transformation, machine learning, and AI. – .PPT inspiration from the best of ABBYY Technology Summit 2017.

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