ABBYY’s approach to trustworthy AI

ABBYY is committed to rigorous product development best practices that adhere to ethical principles and values relating to the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. In its day-to-day operations, ABBYY takes into consideration the following guiding principles for fostering the development, productization and marketing of Trustworthy AI:

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ABBYY remains at the vanguard of innovation in the application of advanced machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and neural network algorithms that enhance the digitization, classification, extraction and recognition of information from structured, semi-structured and unstructured content.

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ABBYY is passionately committed to empowering our constituency of customers and partner ecosystem to support their digital transformation initiatives by delivering AI technologies that are economically and socially beneficial by focusing on AI application development that delivers greater understanding of the meaning of content.

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ABBYY adheres to the development of AI technologies that meet industry standards for performance, accuracy and security, including but not limited to rigorous testing, quality assurance and best practices.

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ABBYY is committed to providing visibility to the performance characteristics and performance metrics of AI technologies developed and supported by ABBYY, and to promoting opportunities for feedback.

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ABBYY incorporates a privacy-by-design principle as an integral part of its software development best practices that adheres to fundamental privacy principles associated with the processing of personal information.

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ABBYY subscribes to the protection of confidential customer and partner information by relying on an appropriate legal basis (e.g., consent or legitimate interests) to use their data for the specific purpose of tuning and training AI applications. As part of this endeavour, ABBYY is committed to working with customers and partners to further promote technical and performance advances of AI technologies.

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ABBYY is committed to fostering a culture of ethical use of AI and promoting its social utility.

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ABBYY is committed to compliance with applicable laws and regulations relating to the ethical use of AI technologies.

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