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Author: Derek Gerber

Derek represents ABBYY’s AI, data capture, digital transformation, and natural language processing SDKs, services, and solutions on mobile, on-site, and in the cloud.

Innovation vs. commoditization: understanding millennials in banking & financial services

My generation of 2.5 billion millennials around the world will soon have the collective capacity to generate $1.4 trillion of purchasing power by 2025. There are 92 million millennials in America today, the biggest generation in US history, even more than the Baby Boomers. It’s obvious why banks and financial service institutions are keeping a sharp eye on the millennial demographic. “One of the largest generations in history is about…

Building better business intelligence with AI & Machine learning

We can all think of ways automation has created positive and negative effects in our lives. In our modern world, nearly every service and purchase we make today is automated on some level. Whether a transaction takes place in a branch, a store, or on our mobile devices, we have all begun to experience both the benefits and, at times, the agnostic dread of automation through AI and machine learning.…